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Movement is a Gift

my mission as a personal trainer is to help you strengthen your unique mind-body connection by creating a safe space for you to move with awareness and intention. movement and fitness go beyond the reflection in the mirror.
it is about having a deeper connection with the vessel the mind resides in.

i am here to help you get back in touch with your body, and experience movement in every plane and pain-free

WORK WITH ME: Online (via zoom) or In-person (if you live in Los Angeles)

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Spinal Flow
a spinal-focused mobility program


Spinal Flow is a specialized spinal mobility program designed to help you redefine your movement. Whether you are feeling limited by pain and restricted mobility due to bulging or herniated discs, a sedentary lifestyle, or aging taking a toll on your body, this training program can help you break free from these limitations and reconnect you with the joy of movement.

Drawing from over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer, I understand firsthand the frustration and challenges of dealing with spinal injuries. After experiencing a significant loss of mobility myself in 2022, I’ve put all my energy into developing a comprehensive spinal mobility program specifically tailored to individuals like you, who are over 30 or beyond and struggling with disc-related issues.

My program is designed to address the physical limitations caused by bulging or herniated discs as well as the associated pain in shoulders and hips that often accompany these conditions. Through a combination of targeted exercises, gentle stretches, and progressive techniques, I aim to help you regain agency over your body and your life.

I have a holistic approach to fitness. Prioritizing long-term results by addressing the underlying causes of your discomfort and teaching you sustainable habits for maintaining spinal health is my main focus.

Join the movement and let’s unlock the potential within your body and make movement synonymous with freedom. Do not let age or injury dictate how you live your life any longer. Take the first step towards a brighter, more active future by joining my program today.

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