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Movement is a Gift

my mission as a personal trainer is to help you strengthen your unique mind-body connection by creating a safe space for you to move with awareness and intention. for me movement and fitness go beyond a reflection in the mirror. it is all about having a deeper connection with the vessel the mind resides in.

i am here to help you get back in touch with your body, and experience movement in every plane and pain-free

WORK WITH ME: Online (via zoom) or In-person (if you are in Los Angeles)

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Mind Body Flow Program

Mind Body Flow is a three-month body awareness fitness & wellness program that I created for those with a sedentary lifestyle who would like to be more active but don't know how or where to start. I combine recovery techniques, corrective movement strategies, strength and conditioning training and mindfulness practices to help you improve the essential components of fitness (mobility, flexibility, stability, balance, strength, endurance, coordination, agility, power and speed) while becoming aware that the body is a physical reflection and manifestation of how the mind (ego, shadow & soul) has conditioned itself to experience reality under belief systems that overtime shape and define perception of the self, body image, posture, gait, and movement.

in a few words, Mind Body Flow is a mindful, soul-oriented fitness program to help you reconnect with your body and rewire your mind via an intentional lifestyle.

In this three-month wellness program you will be given tools to create long-term habits that will help you shift your perspective towards movement, nutrition and recovery. Movement is foundational in this process and to set you up for success we pair that with science-backed mindfulness practices like journaling and breathwork sessions fascilated by HBW coach Shannon Lee Whalen


My goal is to help you gain agency back over your mind and body and stay motivated and inspired from the inside-out for you to create a lifestyle that stands the test of time.


Recovery Sessions

the body is meant to move freely and without pain and the only way we can achieve that is by understanding that active recovery is as important as the actual workout. that's why I offer a comprehensive approach to personal training that focuses on building strength and endurance, and on recovery and injury prevention as well. Through the use of techniques such as self-myofascial release and spinal mobility exercises, I help clients release muscle tension and improve flexibility. The dynamic and static stretches used in my sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each client, addressing areas of weakness and imbalance to promote greater overall wellness and pain-free movement.


Strength & Mobility

The key to any successful fitness journey is building a solid foundation of strength and mobility. With my Strength and Mobility sessions, you'll receive a custom program tailored to your specific needs where we focus on mastering the basic of weight lifting and calisthenics while using corrective movement strategies to work on muscle imbalances that can potentially hinder you from reaching your goals.

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