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fre pacheco

photo by Francisco Dominguez

My name is Freangel, The Artist (a.k.a Fre). I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and habe been living in Los Angeles, California since 2015. L.A helped me tune back in with myself and my purpose in life: express and share my human experience through my art (music, paintings, videos and more).

I used to see life through eyes of pain and resentment but that changed in June 2022 when thanks to hypnobreathwork and my usual mind-bending experiences i was able to break free from my lifelong depression and began to see life through eyes of a naked soul.

first and foremost, i am here to create things that help me elevate my own human experience, and then that of those willing to open their hearts to the wonders of this magical realm we get to wake up in. 

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