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photo by Francisco Dominguez

LASTDAYSOFJUDE, founded in 2018, is my main project. I call it my life venture. it has been a collaborative effort with sound designer and producer Alejandro Martinez and myself as the only official members.

LASTDAYSOFJUDE's music videos have received recognition in independent film festivals like Los Angeles Cinematography Awards and RED Movie Awards in France, just to name a few.

I am currently working on LASTDAYSOFJUDE debut album: Perderme para Encontrarme and What Happened Right After.

This new set of songs is a trip into my mind where. In this album I fully opened up myself to the world and show you how getting back in touch with my inner child helped me find myself and break through my lifelong depression to see my new life with eyes of a naked soul.

SIXFEETUNDER, first single dropped in Summer 2024 and MYSELF AGAIN drops June 19, 2024

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